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Bendigo Massage Therapy Testimonials

Here's Why Peter Ietto is Considered One of the Best Massage Therapists in Bendigo and Victoria...

"When I was 11 years old I had a Bowen treatment from Peter hoping to relieve my athsma . Every 6 weeks I went for Bowen and as each treatment went by I started breathing better. After 7 months I was able to play sports without feeling breathless. I was not wheezing when I caught colds. I was not catching as many viruses and missing as much school. Even though I no longer have athsma, I still like a Bowen treatment because it gives me energy and I concentrate better in school"

Hayley D., Student, Bendigo, VIC

"I have had a long term back injury going back over 20 years and as a result I have had a go at most treatments available and as a result of that, can say I would not have any other treatment other than Bowen and I would highly recommend Peter Ietto to provide it. I initially saw Peter on the recommendation of a friend and unknown to my treating Dr of over 10 years, after 2 (of 3 suggested a treatments) I had my regular Drs appointment. When my turn came and Dr was waiting for me, he observed my stance etc... and made the comment, what have you been doing since I saw you last, this is the straightest I have seen you standing in the whole time I have been treating you. After answering Bowen Therapy and explaining it to him and after Dr looking through his medical books, his thoughts were, well you had better have your 3rd appointment. Ps many years later the same Dr has just written a referral letter suggesting some more Bowen treatment would be beneficial."

John K., Horticulturist, Bendigo, VIC

"I have been fortunate to have found Peter about 6 months ago. Since then my life has changed and my body has changed to allow me to do things that I was not able to do before. Lots of pain in my back and shoulder areas. Peter has worked on these in a professional and caring manner and has allowed my body to be more painfree. I thoroughly recommended him to my family and friends who have also been visiting Peter and speak glowingly of his service. Yes, it is a deep tissue massage and as such, you do not walk out of his room feeling relaxed, but you certainly feel more alive and in tune with your body. Thank you Peter for what you are doing and keep it going."

Lorraine McSween, Personal Carer, Bendigo, VIC

"My occupation carries with it a significant degree of pressure and anxiety, much of which has and continues to manifest itself physically. Before I began receiving remedial massage treatment from Peter I had been experiencing varying levels of ongoing muscular pain and fatigue. Since I have had several sessions these issues have not only been dramatically reduced but I can say that my general levels of personal well being have been greatly enhanced."

Paul Siakew, Bendigo, VIC

"I have fibromyalgia. I have weekly Bowen Therapy and Trigger Point treatment from Peter. I could not do without these visits and have been coming to Peter for the past 5 years. He is a very talented Christian Masseur."

Lois, Bendigo, VIC

Bendigo Massage Gift Certificate

Try Peter's services out for yourself. Consider a massage therapy gift certificate from Peter to you. Call the office at 0419413221 to schedule your massage, and use his special Bendigo massage gift certificate for your first visit.

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